Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thanks SLOW

BIG thank you to Jacqui from the wonderful slow magazine.
What a great read, lovely pictures and articles about loads of very creative people doing what they love.Really does give you a inspirational glow. This edition features our "pass the parcels" and we are so grateful to have our bob things photographed and written about so beautifully. I am now off to have a read and a slow cup of tea....see it really does work!!!
thanks Slow xxxx

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ninja's back in stock

This morning I got in early to make some more ninjas. They have been a bit scarce. As you know everyone needs an emergency ninja! Here are a few on the way to being finished. Now they can be taken to good homes ready to help in anyway they can!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

New clothing with real vintage style!

We have a very exciting new label in store at bob.
Come in for a sneaky peak or keep your eyes on the website next week where we will be listing some stunning new shirts and dresses from the wonderful Lady Phillips collection. Kristy and Emma from Melbourne have designed the most stunning collection around an amazing vintage fabric collection to die for!

Rolls and Rolls of fabrics have been kept in pristine condition for decades in a Melbourne warehouse where dedicated workers have been employed to make shirts, some have worked there since the 60's

These vintage treasures have now been turned into a feminine range where pussy bows and dress/jackets rule and liberty prints peek out from pockets and under sleeves.
Obviously they are very limited edition, stunning quality fabrics, beautifully made in Melbourne. So excited to have them on board.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The shop is looking gorgeous at the moment, with loads of new pretty things from all our favourite people.
Because the new website is taking so long to perfect, we will be bringing back the old faithful site til we are completely ready to be shiny and new! You can shop NOW YEAH!!!

skater kids necklace by Love $38 also available in a brooch

feed the birds brooch by Love $38 also available in a necklace

Camera sharpeners $10 each. Snap up one today.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Courtney Brims exhibition ONLY 2 WEEKS LEFT!

again a quick reminder that we are still posting out goodies, while our shopping cart is being updated, $8.50 flat rate anywhere in Australia and same day post out.
Only 2 more weeks to check out the enchanting Courtney Brims exhibition, don't miss it!

Courtneys work has been so well received, a pleasure having it here...I just cannot choose which one I would like!!!

Panda curvy mug $38, panda ceramic spoon $14

Cute as storage containers - set of 3 $48

Fresh apple earrings from wonderful "Love" $29 a pair

Yummo, new Frankie sweets cook book, can't get enough! $20 each

Almost good enough to eat are the new tin colour flower earrings from the wonderful Scrumptious $18 per pair

Scrumptious new hairslides $16 per pair

An elephant never forgets how cute it is!!!! elle mug $28 each