Thursday, October 21, 2010

new bob website

Have you visited our new website???
If you didn't receive your bob day invitation - please go to our website and join the bob club online! Don't miss out on our newsletter, so much great stuff on the way...yeah!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Our weekend at Finders Keepers

We had loads of fun! Thanks so everyone involved in the market and for whoever turned on the blue skies and sunshine!


It was a cold Friday night when we set up our stall at Finders Keepers and VERY fresh when we headed in early Saturday morning to put the finishing touches on our bob stall

Lucky it turned out like this!!!

It was so nice to meet some of my suppliers face to face, the wonderful Kristine from Adorning Al, Louise from Frankie magazine Kirsteene from Scrumptious, Andrew from A Skulk of Foxes, Kristy from Lady Phillips, Lou from Buttons by Lou Lou, Brooke from brooke Johnson Design, Madeline Stamer the talented thing, Liz from Betty Jo and from Sydney Lyndsay and Ben from Made by White and Christina from Made590. It was so nice to catch up with people and put a face to the voice. It was so frantic but we did get to have a little bit of a natter. Massive thank you to the gorgeous Bec and Sally from Georgie Love who went out of their way to drive myself and Brian back to Blackburn from the city where we were staying the night. SO lovely of them and SO much better than getting the train when we were very tired...thanks so much!
And a big thanks to my friend Allison from Lark her lovely hubby Paul and gorgeous kids for being our neighbors for the day. It's always so nice to catch up and talk pretty things, even though it was so busy we didn't get much of a chance!

thank you to everyone who stopped by especially to look for a products or just to say hi!
A BIG special thankyou goes to Rhiannon Mowat and her partner Craig who came up especially to give me a pressie, a stunning print by Rhiannon that I was admiring so much when we had one of her shows at the gallery- and they came back the next day too because they thought we needed some chocolate (and we did) koko black oh so yummy. Rhiannon...the talented thing also does the illustrations for their amazing chocolate selections. Check out more of her work at
And Tanya Bird from quirky Bird who bought me a lovely parcel of things for the shop especially for bob day - (coming in the next couple of weeks) and a special handmade magnet and tape measure hair clip, so pretty - thanks so much!

What a lovely time we had, thanks to everyone...:)