Wednesday, April 28, 2010

new pretty bits

Owl tea cosy as seen in Frankie this edition. $38 small (2 pot) $40 large (4 pot)
Thanks to everyone who has given us a call and had their owl tea cosys and Red Riding Hood and Alice in Wonderland tea towels sent out in the post. See we still can do things even though the website is down. Thanks so much, Sonia:)

Stamp bottle. Looks like an old fashioned ink well. But has stamp under lid and "bonjour,comment allez-vous?" stamp on bottom with a kitty, very sweet $18

"Monstar", handmade little felt fella, $18 each approx. 16cm high

Squirrel/deer teapot $49 squirrel/deer mug $22

Babushka teapot $49 Babushka mug $22

Alligator stacka mug $28 each, we also have cats and giraffe stackas too. please email us for pictures

No NOT birds.....BATS!

WOW it's so amazing here at the moment with dark sky's and thousands of bats that have found our beautiful Park in the center of town irresistible, and are having a bit of a stop over from their travels, it's all a bit gothic!
And very, very LOUD!

Monday, April 26, 2010


I have been so court up in the web site hassels in the last week that I missed the new Frankie in the shops...Oh my goodness!!! this has NEVER happened before I am usually getting anxious a week before it is due to come out. Anyway, Friday and Saturday I have been swamped with calls about owl tea cosys and tea towels!!! what's going on I kept thinking, has everyone decided that what they are missing is Alice tea towels and crocheted tea cosys??? When infact the gorgeous Frankie team have them both in their lovely mag this issue, I am so excited!! Thanks heaps Frankie!
We are still posting out even though our shopping page is down at the moment. I'll have to get Susan my wonderful crochet girl to crochet faster to keep up with the demand!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We can still post to you even though our shopping cart is being updated!

While we are working on re-opening our shopping page we will be putting up NEW products everyday on our blog. You can still order and we can still post them out. Just email us at and we can go through the options with you or you can phone us and pay by credit card over the phone. Postage is $8.50 no matter how many items you buy. For international rates please email us. We can also send pictures if you need more info.
Thanks so everyone who has emailed their details to us so we can notify you when we are back online. To join our membership please email with your name, address, phone and email details.
SHOP HOURS- mon & tues 11-3, wed & thurs 11-5, fri 11-6, sat & sun 11-3 WE ARE CLOSED on Sunday Anzac day and Monday the 26th public holiday.
bob boutique and gallery 17 Williamson Street, Bendigo, Vic 3550

Young Eve jewellery trees...or just for a lovely sculpture. 2D trees are $85 and 3D trees are $125. Come flat packed.

bob tea towels in Alice or Red Riding Hood designs $20 each

mini kee kee bunny $14.50. Choose pink or blue and we will send a perfect bunny to you.

bob wrapping paper 2 sheets of beautiful wrap $5

TMOD design whale card. Scratch to reveal, lots of fun. $7.50.

Mr.Wolf bob calico bag $15

Anyone for Panda..?? I mean coffee. Cute little memo holder $15

Emergency Ninja $22, approx. 14cm high.

Glamour vintage look cats pair for $88 approx. 34cm high for the tallest one.

Knitted biscuits are a bit of fun yes! But they also make a great pin cushion. choose from Iced vo vo, jam fancy heart, chocolate
chip or custard filled...YUM! $6 each

Face mugs are the sweetest. They come as bear or panda face. One mug in box packaging is $34.

Friday, April 16, 2010

So sorry we are still off air!!!!

I hate letting people down. But with so many technical difficulties and technologies to over-come, we are unable to get our new shopping site up before bob day. I am so sorry to everyone that has come on line today for our big event.
I will make it up to you all I promise, when our new site comes on line I will give you all our special discount for a couple of days, so you can relax and check out all the wonderful new things we have for you at bob.
I will let you all know when we are up and running.
If you would like to be a member please forward your- name: address: phone number and email to and I will let you know when we are up again.

Technology is an amazing thing....when it works, thank you all for your patience...Sonia:) xxx
I will post some lovely pictures tomorrow.

Hours Sat, Sun. Mon and Tues 11-3, Wed and Thurs 11-5, Fri 11-6.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

new shopping on the way

Hello lovely bob members. We are off the air making our brand new shopping page of lovelyness for you. I'm so sorry for any inconvenience.
Please email me - for any sales or enquiries. We are still happy to post purchases for you and organise any requests you may have.
bob day is on this Saturday so please come and visit us between 11-3 for a chance to snap up some one off's and pretty things. Sonia:)

duck on holidays

A very talented customer and friend Ben Wood was given one of our cute crochet ducks as a gift. He has taken him on holidays, here are some pics. Ben is just about to release another book filled with his amazing illustrations. Check it out at-

Saturday, April 3, 2010

happy Easter

HAPPY EASTER EVERYBODY! Have a lovely Chocy weekend and be safe on the roads... Sonia:)