Friday, April 16, 2010

So sorry we are still off air!!!!

I hate letting people down. But with so many technical difficulties and technologies to over-come, we are unable to get our new shopping site up before bob day. I am so sorry to everyone that has come on line today for our big event.
I will make it up to you all I promise, when our new site comes on line I will give you all our special discount for a couple of days, so you can relax and check out all the wonderful new things we have for you at bob.
I will let you all know when we are up and running.
If you would like to be a member please forward your- name: address: phone number and email to and I will let you know when we are up again.

Technology is an amazing thing....when it works, thank you all for your patience...Sonia:) xxx
I will post some lovely pictures tomorrow.

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