Thursday, June 17, 2010

finally some Blythe news

Our favourite doll is VERY hard to catch but we have had just had some news from Blythe headquarters that bob will have an allocation of dolls before Christmas. We don't know how many or when, but we are getting some. If you would like to be on our Blythe mailing list to pre-order please email your name, address and email info. We cannot wait to see some new dolls, it has been too long. We love her...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A long weekend with laughter

Today was FREEZING outside but warm as pie in the shop with loads of happy people with 3 days off, enjoying some cuppa's and wandering about. Here are some comments (and some conversations overheard from this weekend. Enjoy your holiday tomorrow. I know I will too.

A lady justifying her purchase to her husband-
"knitted donut, everyone needs one of those don't they"

One girlfriend to another. First girl says "what a cute bunny" Second girl says
"Cute!!! It's a bunny and it's crocheted...cute doesn't even begin to describe it, what are you, insane?..."

Kearnsie knitter bracelets
"oh that's so me!...I'm a twisted knitter"

TMOD Scratch me card
"My Dad turns 80 in a few days, this will give him a lift"

Panda and kitty memo holders

"don't their arms get sore Mummy"?

camera stamp

Boyfriend to his girlfriend "I thought this shop was for girls...why haven't you brought me here sooner? I can't believe it's been here for 6 years and you haven't brought me in here....why havne't you brought me here?....why haven't you bought me one of those camera stamps?....I would love one of them...are you going to buy me one?...are you?...please...."

Panda day after day plastic mugs
"I don't get what that means....can we get one Dad"?

Monday, June 7, 2010

New Owly Cushions!

Designed by bob and handmade in Bendigo these sweet Owly cushions will make any lounge or bedroom come alive with colour and BIG eyes. They come in 2 sizes in Red with white print, we will have more colours available in a couple of months. They are so cute, hope that you like them too.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

This blog may make you very hungry!

Today my family and I found out how the other half live! It was really nice. We had Afternoon high tea at the Windsor Hotel in Melbourne. Where crustless cucumber sandwiches come on High plates and little savoury tarts and scones tempt you from layers above. All perfectly presented and delicious.

Being a very fussy tea drinker I was so excited to get my special Windsor blend in a silver tea set on a tray with extra water, the only thing missing was that ornate looking tea cup and saucer set, but it still tasted wonderful.
A couple of table loads of cakes, tortes,pavs, tarts and bite size sweeties were calling us and fresh crepes were made as we waited...I don't mind this kind of waiting. It was oh so special, wish it happened every Sunday.
A BIG THANK YOU to Janet who looked after the shop for me so we could do this, thank you soooo much!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Palimpsest exhibition starts today

Our new exhibition started today. "Palimpsest" by Rachael Delmenico and Marie Watt is on til June 30th and has covered the walls in amazing large photographs full of dreamy images and detail. drop in and check out the show.

lovely day

Thanks you sooooo much to everyone for giving me one of the best Birthday's ever today. Lots of phone calls and lovely pressies and cake! I had such a great time, thanks so much:)