Saturday, June 12, 2010

A long weekend with laughter

Today was FREEZING outside but warm as pie in the shop with loads of happy people with 3 days off, enjoying some cuppa's and wandering about. Here are some comments (and some conversations overheard from this weekend. Enjoy your holiday tomorrow. I know I will too.

A lady justifying her purchase to her husband-
"knitted donut, everyone needs one of those don't they"

One girlfriend to another. First girl says "what a cute bunny" Second girl says
"Cute!!! It's a bunny and it's crocheted...cute doesn't even begin to describe it, what are you, insane?..."

Kearnsie knitter bracelets
"oh that's so me!...I'm a twisted knitter"

TMOD Scratch me card
"My Dad turns 80 in a few days, this will give him a lift"

Panda and kitty memo holders

"don't their arms get sore Mummy"?

camera stamp

Boyfriend to his girlfriend "I thought this shop was for girls...why haven't you brought me here sooner? I can't believe it's been here for 6 years and you haven't brought me in here....why havne't you brought me here?....why haven't you bought me one of those camera stamps?....I would love one of them...are you going to buy me one?...are you?...please...."

Panda day after day plastic mugs
"I don't get what that means....can we get one Dad"?