Sunday, June 6, 2010

This blog may make you very hungry!

Today my family and I found out how the other half live! It was really nice. We had Afternoon high tea at the Windsor Hotel in Melbourne. Where crustless cucumber sandwiches come on High plates and little savoury tarts and scones tempt you from layers above. All perfectly presented and delicious.

Being a very fussy tea drinker I was so excited to get my special Windsor blend in a silver tea set on a tray with extra water, the only thing missing was that ornate looking tea cup and saucer set, but it still tasted wonderful.
A couple of table loads of cakes, tortes,pavs, tarts and bite size sweeties were calling us and fresh crepes were made as we waited...I don't mind this kind of waiting. It was oh so special, wish it happened every Sunday.
A BIG THANK YOU to Janet who looked after the shop for me so we could do this, thank you soooo much!