Tuesday, August 30, 2011

new frankie on the way

VERY excited so much new Frankie pretties are on their way! Here is a little special pre-order at our bob website only 10 available:) FRANKIE SPECIAL

The new Frankie for the cool blokes

Yes we LOVE Frankie, so we are so wrapped to see that they have The Smith journal on the way for all those lovely blokes out their to have a good read too. Smith Journal is a 140-page magazine printed on high-grade matte paper - boldly designed and ready for any self-respecting coffee table, leather satchel or toilet reading rack. It’s unique, funny, inspiring and hands-on, full of stories about real guys living their dreams: makers, inventors, designers, thinkers, and adventurers.
Alongside cracking photography from around the world, Smith Journal features offbeat stories on gentlemanly behaviour, nostalgic pieces about icons of the past and real-life interviews with men young and old who inspire us in word and deed. Coming in mid September buy now and we will post it out to you as soon as it lands at bob.

Monday, August 8, 2011

bunny bride

Bendas is really getting into the "White weeding dress" exhibition spirit! Here is my contribution with "The bunny bride" in our main bob window, well I had to do something different didn't I! thanks to my brother Jason from GoodOne graphic design for taking the photo.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tram photo exhibition

With loads of visitors heading to Bendigo over the next few months for the "White wedding dress" exhibition at the gallery, we decided to do a very special Bendigo show with a series of photographs never seen or published before, showing the last days of the tram passanger service through Bendigo streets in 1972. All taken by Gail Tavener (my Mum) who was pregnant with me at the time. Gail Tavener is a well established photographer and artist and this is the first time these photo’s have ever been seen in public. It shows Bendigo streets, some that haven’t changed others are unrecognisable, people waiting in line for their last special ride and conductors doing their work or having a chat also some amazing Easter parade shots. Mostly on Black and White film with some special colour slide prints, there are over 40 captivating images. It’s an amazing collection that I just couldn’t wait to get onto the gallery walls. We only have a small collection online. Please let us know if you cannot make it in for the exhibit and we can send you an email catalogue for orders. All images are for sale and 3 different print sizes are available plus a special canvas option for very large prints. Please get in touch for any information on our email sales@bob.net.au.The exhibition is on now and runs til September the 18th.