Thursday, March 31, 2011

bob day on the way

Yes, it's all true! bob day is VERY close, check the blog this weekend to find out when and see some of the lovely new goodies on the way just for you. If you would like to get bob emails of all the good stuff go to bob account/membership

Friday, March 18, 2011

Gold Dust lounge opens

Finally the work has finished downstairs from the bob shop. This is what it looked like 7am Thursday morning....

To this on Thursday night (opening night)...we were invited to the opening of the Gold Dust lounge. Lovely people, top atmosphere, we had loads of fun. And the best thing is no more jack hammering! But all the noise has been worth it, it is a really beautiful space, filled with an old fashioned warmth and good vibes. Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 7pm, over 25's only. Live music most nights. What a great space.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

WOW it's bob!

SO EXCITING! bob is featured in the great new design book "The Tote bag"
This book showcases some of the most striking, inventive and subversive examples of the ubiquitous tote. From eco chic to style icon, the featured totes come from a wide range of illustrators and designers from around the world, with designs including floral prints, typography, illustrations and characters. Each book is beautifully packaged in an original and eye-catching tote bag and the bob shop designs are featured. A wonderful book by Jitesh Patel, we are so excited to be asked to be part of it.
Check it out instore

new Polli jewellery

New gorgeous Polli has arrived in store, beautiful antique typewriters, camera's and lace collars now shine from our new art Deco glass cabinet.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Introducing Moby Duck

Introducing Moby Duck the hand resined range of homewares and jewellery by the very talented Amy Marshall who is an American living in Melbourne.
All of the pieces are inspired by vintage or antique objects/ jewellery or clay originals that have been molded in rubber, then cast in resin. Once she has made a rubber mold,Amy is able to use that mold several times to cast different colours of each piece in jewellery quality resin. The pieces are finished with hand-sanding along rough edges, a soapy bath, and then an epoxy resin to securely attach findings. She loves sourcing and using vintage pieces because the texture of early plastics and glass replicate very well in the silicon molds to create "new-vintage" pieces.

Check out her beautiful things in store now and on the website very soon.

bunny containers for rings, findings or beads.

Bird brooches in sweet vintage colours

Resin flower broochs. We love Amy's clever colourful designs.

New Pics from Downstairs

The downstairs spot is resembling something amazing now. There is a feeling of real excitement as we are coming to the end of all the major work that has been going on for 5 months. Stay tuned for the naming and revealing of this very cool venue at the Hotel Shamrock....