Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Introducing Moby Duck

Introducing Moby Duck the hand resined range of homewares and jewellery by the very talented Amy Marshall who is an American living in Melbourne.
All of the pieces are inspired by vintage or antique objects/ jewellery or clay originals that have been molded in rubber, then cast in resin. Once she has made a rubber mold,Amy is able to use that mold several times to cast different colours of each piece in jewellery quality resin. The pieces are finished with hand-sanding along rough edges, a soapy bath, and then an epoxy resin to securely attach findings. She loves sourcing and using vintage pieces because the texture of early plastics and glass replicate very well in the silicon molds to create "new-vintage" pieces.

Check out her beautiful things in store now and on the website very soon.

bunny containers for rings, findings or beads.

Bird brooches in sweet vintage colours

Resin flower broochs. We love Amy's clever colourful designs.