Wednesday, April 28, 2010

new pretty bits

Owl tea cosy as seen in Frankie this edition. $38 small (2 pot) $40 large (4 pot)
Thanks to everyone who has given us a call and had their owl tea cosys and Red Riding Hood and Alice in Wonderland tea towels sent out in the post. See we still can do things even though the website is down. Thanks so much, Sonia:)

Stamp bottle. Looks like an old fashioned ink well. But has stamp under lid and "bonjour,comment allez-vous?" stamp on bottom with a kitty, very sweet $18

"Monstar", handmade little felt fella, $18 each approx. 16cm high

Squirrel/deer teapot $49 squirrel/deer mug $22

Babushka teapot $49 Babushka mug $22

Alligator stacka mug $28 each, we also have cats and giraffe stackas too. please email us for pictures