Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Are we there yet?

On car trips with kids we like to play a little game we call Guess the Animal. Someone gives some choice clues and away the carload goes until the mystery critter is revealed. But the animals have been getting more and more dubious of late. They could be extinct, mythical or literary. Try going through all the world’s animals beginning with B only to discover it was a Brachiosaurus! A beast whose fossil was first discovered in 1903 in the Grand River Canyon of Colorado, as we discovered on googling how to spell it. Next trip, inspired by bob, I’m going to start with “I’m thinking of an animal beginning with Y”. Want some clues? It could be a snow, grass or mud variety. It’s your classic quiet achiever. Doesn’t say much, but you know by looking at it there’s a quirky kind of wisdom lurking behind those dark eyes. Give up? Yeti! Talk about a big trip… one lucky Snow Yeti is on its way via air mail to Paris this week. A lovely lady from the baguette city who popped into bob chose him as a birthday present for her niece. Au revoir dear Yeti! Lucky for us they’re quite good multipliers… there’s more in store, lovingly designed and handmade in beautiful Bendigo, $40.